Cloud-based Phone Systems

A cloud phone system, also known as hosted VoIP or hosted PBX, is hosted in the cloud. This means the data is stored in a secure server which can be accessed over the internet. A cloud phone system replaces traditional land lines, and is usually hosted by a third party provider. At Northwest Remote Offices, LLC, we are your provider. We don't outsource, we don't re-sell, allowing us to keep your monthly costs at an absolute minimum.

We provide the exceptional quality phone service we'd want to experience ourselves!

Read below to see some benefits of switching to a VoIP Provider


Savings on international calls

Do business outside of the United States? No problem. Most VoIP plans save on average, 90% on international costs!


Savings on operational costs

Don't worry about cables, phones or a phone provider. We'll handle the headache. Save 75% on operational costs by utilizing a Managed VoIP Provider


Savings on local call bills

An average of 40% savings on local call bills. Night and weekend minutes, what are those?

Here are some key VOIP statistics YOU need to know

Top VoIP Features & Benefits According to Small Businesses

Managing messages

Save time fumbling through the automated voice prompts. Voicemails get delivered directly to your email. Store and retrieve easily, whenever you want

Remote Work

It's in our name, and it's what we love. Don't let your business stop you from enjoying a day on the beach. Run your company from anywhere, with the help of an always available, internet based phone system.

Pay for what you use

Perhaps our favorite and no, this isn't a gimmick. Pay for what you use. Period.

Conference Calling

65% of small businesses say it is easier to handle conference calls with a properly paired SIP phone

The ability to handle calls easier

Don't fumble transferring calls, remembering key codes or playing with three day dialing. Handling calls with VOIP and a properly paired SIP phone is a breeze.

Find Me / Follow Me

Don't always want to be tied to the office, but need to take that one call? We don't blame you. Find Me / Follow me rings your mobile phone when you're away

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Northwest Remote Offices can design and build a phone system that will make you stand out from your competitors, all while beating traditional phone providers costs by up to 75%.
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